Where we are

  • 18 km from Taormina
  • 65 km from Catania airport "Fontanarossa"
  • 70 km from mount Etna

Pietra Luce Bed and Breakfast is located in the historical center of the village of Allume, in the municipality of Roccalumera. The village, surrounded by hills, faces the Ionian Sea. The name of Allume comes from a local and widely present mineral, alum of potassium, collected, in the past, from ancient mines no longer active. Alum was used primarily in the leather tanning process. To the north of Allume there is the Belvedere Castle, a hunting residence of The King Frederic II of Svevia. To the south there is a natural Arabian tower, used as a guard post to spot vessels approaching from the sea and to east are the old mines. In the center of Allume there is the Madonna del Rosario church, from the 17th century still holding texts from that period and where the 1959 Nobel Prize winner for literature, Salvatore Quasimodo was baptized.

The highest area of Allume, where the oldest houses are, is called “Quartiere San Michele” dedicated to the Archangel Michael with a small church from the 12th century. On the other side of the village there is the fountain “acqua dei pazzi”, where a legend says that…